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You've had an accident and you need to know what happens next...

  • Stop immediately, making sure not to block traffic, if possible. Check all involved for any injuries and get help. Call 911

  • Obtain names, addresses and phone numbers of all drivers. Get the make, model and license numbers for all vehicles involved, along with all drivers’ insurance information. If police are on the scene they will do this and distribute the information to parties involved.

  • Contact a reputable towing service for removal of your vehicle if it is not drivable. It is prudent to have it towed directly to the repair facility of your choice if you know at this point where you want to have the repairs done.

    Keep the number of our towing service programmed into your cell phone listing so that it’s easy to access in an emergency.

    CALL 359-4625 to reach our 24 hour towing service.
    Our rollback and wrecker are available to handle mechanical breakdowns as well as vehicle accidents.
  • When you contact your insurance company, tell them where
    your vehicle is so that the proper contacts can be made between the repair facility and the insurance company for appraisal and estimating of the damage. This will help the insurance adjuster and the shop estimator work together to handle the claim and discuss the damage and repairs thoroughly and in detail.

  • Contact your insurance agent or call the number listed on your proof of insurance card to report the accident. Your proof of insurance card should be kept in your vehicle, accessible for police reports as well as for state inspection.

  • Tell the insurance company the facts regarding how and where the accident happened. Have your proof of insurance coverage card in hand when you make the call. They will ask for your policy number to file the accident claim. You might want to jot down notes or drawings of where and how the accident occurred. Be calm, polite and consistent when discussing the facts of the accident.

  • Remember, you make the ultimate decision about where your vehicle’s repairs will be completed.

    The insurance company may give you a listing of shops who participate in their direct repair programs, but legally they cannot direct you to go to any particular shop. Be sure the shop you choose is a quality, professional repair facility.

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